The number one question that we get from women is "Do you offer sponsorships?" In a nutshell, yes. But not in the way that you would think. We don't have a large budget for sponsorship, so rather than take that budget and spend it on one woman (how would we even choose?), we stick true to our mission statement to empower and encourage participation of women in motorsports by sponsoring series participation in an effort to get more women involved. 

Our newest endeavor is being a contingency sponsor for the SCCA ladies class. We work closely with their 'Women on Track' initiative. In addition to offering contingency, we offer vouchers for discounted race gear to newbies coming to the sport. We feel that this is the best way for us to encourage more participation for women who might be on the fence about racing. 

If you are coming here to look for sponsorship and are bummed out to read that we don't offer it to everyone that asks, don't worry, there is something else you might be interested in. We have our brand ambassador program, which may be more helpful to you in order to attain your goals. The objective of this program is to get our female racers some visibility throughout our friends, partners and social media followers, which might attract other sponsors. And there is a small sponsorship component as well.

Racechick.com is very excited to launch our new brand ambassador program with a sponsorship of $500 awarded at the end of the year!

The brand ambassador program will give you access to our merchandise at zero cost to you, a custom graphic for your vehicle as well as feature you on our blog, website and social media pages.

We will pick one brand ambassador each month and will run a contest at the end of the year to choose the winner of the $500 sponsorship prize.

In order to be eligible for our brand ambassador program, you must first be a customer (so go buy something pretty!). This is to ensure that the ambassadors that we choose are already excited about our products. If you are a customer would like to participate, please fill out the form below and attach pics of your racing. 
 Best of luck!!!