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Who We Are...

Our mission is to empower and encourage the participation of women in the racing, auto, motorsports and off-road communities by providing quality apparel and safety gear to all. 

Who We Are For...

Racechick is a brand that represents a culture of badass women drivers, a lifestyle of speed, and the pursuit of empowering women to go faster and push their boundaries on the racetrack and beyond. It began after going to the track and getting tired of not having women’s race gear readily available. We didn’t want to have to wear men’s stuff anymore, so we made our own. We live this life every day, and test these products at every race.

Racechick is for the crowd that demands a little more from the tires when the turn is approaching. It’s for those who aren’t afraid to play with the boys and win. To those who are Fast, Fierce and Fearless, this is the brand for you.

Racechick Founder Carrie Willhoff


About Us...

Racechick Apparel is located in Northern California and was started in 2016 by race car driver, Carrie Willhoff after many years of frustration with the shortage of products available for women in motorsports. After growing tired of wearing ill-fitting men's racing gear, she took her experience in the fashion industry (10+ years working for designers such as Calvin Klein, Fendi, and Christian Dior) and developed her own line bearing her nickname, Racechick. 

In the years since our humble start, Racechick has grown from selling a few tee shirts at races and car shows into a major player in the racing safety industry with the notable launch of the 'FIERCE' women's racing equipment line, including fire suits, gloves, shoes, and more. We are in constant development to bring the most up to date race fashions and safety equipment to the market and will always stay true to who we serve, the WOMEN of the racing community!

Our #1 priority at Racechick.com is to empower and encourage the participation of women in the racing community by providing quality apparel to all. In our efforts to do so, we strive to outfit many Racechick brand ambassadors located all around the country in many different facets of motorsports. Whether you are a spectator enthralled by speed or the woman behind the wheel, we are here for all of your racetrack apparel needs.  

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