September 13, 2022 2 min read

As a racer myself and founder of this women's-only racing safety company, nobody knows better than I the importance of making sure you are protected by a high quality racing suit and gear. We try to do as much educating as possible and make amazing SFI rated items. But even as our suits meet and exceed the SFI ratings, many racers don't really understand what that means. 

SFI-1 (single layer) suits are certified to withstand a little over 3 seconds of burn time. SFI-5 (our double layer nomex) suits are certified to withstand about 11 seconds. So, what happens if there is an incident where the driver can't get out in that period of time or god-forbid is knocked unconscious? Well, the short answer is the more layers of protection between you and the fire, the better. 

Prior to starting this company, I was once 'schooled' by another competitor who had seen me getting ready to put on my race suit and jump in my racecar. I'm in my suit with a pair of spandex leggings and a sports bra on. At the time, I just didn't know any better and to be truthful, there weren't that many women racing that could set me straight. What I learned that day was that synthetic materials when exposed to heat/flame will melt to your skin and do far more damage than just the flame itself. 

Fast forward quite a few years and here we are - selling flame resistant under layers as the last line of defense. Many are SFI certified and all of them offer a moisture wicking material without the lycra/spandex/synthetic materials that will cause damage. 

While looking good is great, these are all about function. Don't be fooled because they are super soft. Nope, these are badass protectors of your assets that will keep you looking the same after a thermal incident as they did getting dressed that morning. 

Check out our ladies FR bra, boy shorts, sport briefs, joggers, tanks, long sleeves and socks to keep you protection on the race track, while welding, fire fighting and more here