January 24, 2022 1 min read

Ever wonder what kind of apparel is needed for your first track day? Carrie Willhoff of Racechick.com explains what a beginner would need for their first track day or SCCA Track Night in America event.

Participating in our very first SCCA Track Night in America event was a blast. One of the elements that we loved is that we can bring our daily driver and have a very low cost of entry in terms of gear to get on track. Here's what you should wear to your first event. 

1. Long sleeve shirt (cotton preferred)

2. Long pants 

3. Socks & closed toed shoes

4. Helmet

We generally recommend to avoid synthetic materials and stick to materials like cotton for added safety. 

Make sure that when you bring a helmet, it is a Snell rated helmet for auto racing as a motorcycle helmet isn't going to work. Motorcycle helmets are typically made for impact and abrasion, but the inner layer is not treated with a flame resistant material like an auto racing helmet is. Side note that some tracks will rent helmets, so if you don't have one, call ahead to make sure that they will be available.