August 20, 2020 2 min read

Our hope for women in motorsports in 2020, from our founder Carrie Willhoff...

"I wish so much success for every customer of Racechick in 2020. However, my greatest wish for us as women in motorsports is to support, encourage and empower each other to be better. Let's cut out the cattiness and the silent competition. Let's focus on banding together to learn from each other and beat the boys. I hope that when you see another racer in a Racechick fire suit, that there is a sisterhood that happens, not an off-track competition.

I found myself at PRI in December, speaking at a seminar to other attendees. In this and a few of the instances over the course of the show, I was saddened to hear a couple women seek credibility among the audience by continually saying the phrase, "I was the ONLY woman to ______..." I felt myself discouraged by hearing this over and over, as these were people speaking and wanting to be thought of as industry leaders. From there, it filtered down to women from every genre of racing, coming to the booth to inquire about sponsorship opportunities. When asked about their accomplishments, I heard it again. The sad part is that I too know I have been guilty of this thinking in my earlier years of racing. It came full circle as I see the bigger picture and realize the impact of our words and how that impacts the greater goal of equaility in this sport. 

The truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is how we'll change the equation - and have a lot more fun along the way. Let's go out there this year and be a force to be reckoned with. Let's validate our success with top finishes overall, and not JUST be focused on beating all the women or wanting to be the only one out there. Let's encourage other women to participate, let's help one another, let's share experiences and have each other's backs.

In 2020, let's be baddasses. Together."


Photo Credit: CWR Photography, Cole Reynolds