Racechick.com Launch and Objectives

Racechick.com Launch and Objectives

We are so excited to launch Racechick.com! The week leading up to this launch has been nothing short of surreal. This has been an idea of mine for years, after seeing the shortage of products for women in racing, both in racetrack apparel as well as safety equipment. Needing a new fire suit for racing prompted me to put my thoughts into action and apply for a trademark back in February. The last 9 months have been so much fun working with the designers, putting my spin on things and seeing these 'ideas' materialize into an actual clothing line. I really can't put my excitement into words.

So now that the initial clothing launch is done, what is next for Racechick? I'm not totally sure but I'm headed to SEMA to figure it out. Ideally, we start with some kick-ass clothing (soon to have the addition of kids clothing), and venture into fire suits, fire jackets and safety equipment. After we get that right, I would love to expand into car accessories. As women, we love to be creative and different...why stop at accessorizing ourselves when our cars are our passion?

Ultimately, Racechick.com will be a brand known for being a one stop shop for everything to outfit women in motorsports. Our mission is to empower and encourage the participation of women in the racing, auto, motorsports and motocross communities. However we can do that, we will do our best to make it happen.

Thanks for checking out the site, stay tuned for updates from SEMA about new products!

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