The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Female Racer in your life

Holiday Gift Ideas -

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Female Racer in your life

You asked, we answered! Here we are, bringing you the ultimate idea list for your favorite female racer or race fan. Forget fruit cakes...get her the gear and equipment that she really wants!

Here are the top 10 Gift Ideas, compiled by our staff and are proven favorites of our fellow women racers. 


1. 'Helmet Hair Don't Care' Hat by Racechick - $22 

Helmet Hair Don't Care Hat by Racechick

Take off your helmet and put on one of these 'Helmet Hair Don't Care' hats. Perfect for covering up that racetrack hair!


2. 'Bold Racer Leggings' by Racers Evolved - $49

Racers Evolved Bold Racer Leggings

A great comfortable legging worn and loved by us! Perfect weight to wear by itself or for going under a race suit. Also cozy for travel to and from the races and available in many color options! 


3. 'Racing Charm Infinity Bracelet' - $20

Car Chix Racing Charm Infinity Bracelet

Wear your love of racing on your sleeve (or wrist!). These homemade bracelets measure approximately 7 to 9 inches and made complete with a checkered flag emblem.


4. 'Pro Sport Full Face Duckbill Carbon' Carbon Fiber Helmet by Pyrotect - $599

Pro Sport Full Face Duckbill Carbon

It doesn't just look like Carbon IS Carbon Fiber!! This lightweight Pro Sport helmet combines the weight reduction of material with the quality and reputation that Pyrotect is known for.


4. 'Just Wanna Go Fast' Tee Shirt - $20

This shirt by Racechick says it all. When a girl just wants to go fast...she needs the shirt that says so! 


5. Car Chix Purses & Wallets - $45-$105

Car Chix Purses

These beautiful bags feature many different materials like textured vinyl, studs, prints and more so you can be on trend at the race track and beyond. 


6. Sparco 'Cosmos Helmet & HANS bag' - $100

Sparco Cosmos Helmet & Hans Bag

We have this, we love this. This helmet bag will fit your helmet and HANS device and offers a USB plug in with a fan so that your helmet can go straight into the gear bag and be dry by the time you get home. 


7. Track Sculptures Racetrack Art - $79

Track Sculptures Racetrack Art

For the ladies who like to decorate. Choose a sculpture of your favorite track and have it custom made with different colors and finishes for your walls. It's racing, it's's both!


8. 'No Excuses' Hoodie by Racers Evolved - $40

No Excuses Hoodie


Keep going rounds into the night and stay warm with this Racers Evolved Hoodie. It features a contrast cotton design with front and back printing. We love the lime green!


9. 'FAST AF' Hat by Racechick - $20

Racechick FAST AF Hat

Do we have to explain what AF means? If we do, you probably don't need the hat. Could it mean Fast & Fabulous? Fast & Fierce, or Fast & Fearless? Ok, not really. But we love it, and think you would rock this trucker style even has a snapback design for your ponytail. Available in Hot Pink, Teal and Silver.


10. 'Ultimate Speed Secrets, The Complete Guide to High Performance and Race Driving' by Ross Bentley

Ultimate Speed Secrets by Ross Bentley

Ok, I'll admit it. This book has been sitting on my nightstand for awhile. But simply because it's so full of great information just waiting to be absorbed...and sometimes has to be read again and again when I make mistakes so I like to keep it handy. This is guaranteed to make you think and analyze racing a bit differently than you have before. 


Added Bonus Item - The 2018 Car Chix 'Women of Motorports' Calendar - $12

Car Chix Women of Motorsports Calendar

The 2018 Car Chix Calendars, featuring the top 12 women of the Car Chix Women of Motorsports Contest! This calendar makes a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer 
for the gearhead in your family, the office, garage or place of business. The calendar is a full color 13 month wall calendar featuring the top 12 Women of Motorsports + 1 Bonus Month and more!

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